When am I available?

6am to 8pm Monday through Friday

You may email me 24/7

I will have my phone to silent if I don't wish to be be interrupted or I am in a session.



My Great Expectations

I expect you to have read the following and adhere to my guidelines

Image by R. Martinez
Image by Daniel Apodaca


Your privacy remains in tact, even if part of what you you wish to achieve is some form of humiliation, possibly via My Wall of Shame, or even out in the public eye. You will let Me know if you do not want any marks left on your person.

I never compromise your 'real life' by outing you, I will never talk about you behind your back (unless agreed to and working alongside another who may be in the session.) Whatever I do say will ONLY be in reference to providing you a safe environment conducive to attaining your desires.

Discretion is a two way street and I expect the same in return. If I learn you have been discussing our time with other people you will not be welcome back. A true submissive knows better than to talk about his goddess behind her back.


Your safety is PARAMOUNT. Even if you wish to have a session involving Impact Play, it will never be so bad you cannot walk after. You will always HAVE a safety word. This will be discussed prior to any activity commencing. Even if a Goddess Worship session. 

You will always arrive sobre and free from any negative feelings. Safety is not just about physical and health wise but also in the mind. If I feel you shouldn't be with Me on any given day, I will tell you so.

I do not engage in any activity I do not comfortable doing. This may be subject to change depending on My mood and My development.

And of course, as we live in a rocky country (Earthquakes), if I tie you up, or leave you unattended for any brief moment in time, I will always have scissors and quick release mechanisms to let you free. Like on the planes. I will make sure you have a safety mask on, so to speak.

Image by Ave Calvar
Image by Bill Oxford


While I do not entertain people who clearly want a session above My levels of expertise, aka not something I offer, I am all too aware that sometimes your sense of self may change when you are in the scene. 

This is yet another reason we have a safety word. So you can use it when you need to. I will always be monitoring you and checking in with you throughout the time we are together to ensure you are still enjoying your torturous time with Me.

Communication is key.

As cliche as it sounds, cliches exist for good reason.


Remember this is a fantasy world. Even though your desires are real. I am performing for you. I am not your girlfriend. I am not in love with you. We are never going to race off into the sunset. For the time you are with me, yes I can be everything you want, but that is the only time I will be. I have had My fair share of stalker types and I do not tolerate them.

This is a FANTASY WORLD where you can escape for a while. Do not make the mistake of making Me want to escape from you.

We are adults. Kindly behave yourself. 

Never miss a beat.