Sweet and Sour Sadist



Hello, so nice to have you here, ready to submit and do what I say. 

Before you proceed I am a Sadist and Humiliatrix. I sell used personal items for your perverted pleasures. I am not a STRICT dominatrix where you will get scared and run off crying to your pillow.

If I ascertain this is what you seek I will simply send you elsewhere.

An erotic dominant, with a sarcastic streak, a mean girl vibe when necessary and most importantly, a goddess for you to worship and hand yourself over to.



Everything You Need

Every day I am aware even more, how much you men need a woman like Me. Someone to make you feel important for even just a moment in time. Someone to give you your desires and fulfil your fantasies. I am that woman. Your Goddess, Diva Rose.



Committed to Exploring

The ultimate way to show your submissive side is in person at My feet ready for My instruction. By being in My very presence you will feel the room become electric with anticipation and the sheer pleasure of being next to Me. Hear My voice whisper as I leave in close. Listen to My fingers tapping on My latex boots while you look up at Me and wonder what will happen next.



You MUST read this prior to contact

With the current outbreak worldwide, your goddess is unable to do one on one in person sessions. I will be able to do remote plans such as PANTY SLAVE / HUMILIATION SLAVE and am able to put you on a wait list for when this whole thing is over. Until then, enjoy my website and be good.



Want to submit to the one and only Diva Rose, get in touch today. Email ONLY